Spiritually healing perspectives on an unremittingly positive, rational, and all-inclusive God; and on Love as the fundamental energy and essence of our lives, our world, of all creation.

"Love is the all, the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, the grandest and the very least; all creation is about love."

"Thus each of you is created a little different, not that you will be apart, but that you will transcend your perception of apartness, that you will transcend the thin veil of flesh, the culturally accepted definition of normalcy, and participate in the love of all."

This site is dedicated to sharing the extraordinary spiritual insights and advice I've received during 30 years of channeled writing.

The readings present a refreshingly positive perspective on God and His relationship with us, as well as profound and compassionate insights into the meaning and worth of our challenging lives on earth.

"For God is love, the only love you seek or need in this life, and adversity is but a tool, a tool for eliciting love, creating love, burning through the barriers of love."

"You are incubators, creators of new ways of love, new powers for love, you incubate and you create and existence is the richer, the more beautifully complex because of you, your struggles, your grand lives"

The messages in sum describe a spiritual path that is positive, profoundly ethical and inclusive of all - a path based not on pleasing God, nor on fearing His judgement, but based simply on learning to love, learning to utilize the infinite powers of love we have within to create a life we can truly respect and enjoy.

"…that love of one another is the love of God, consideration towards one another is the all of God, that knowing and loving yourself is the all of God, that God is the all of you, the all of others, though there are no others, just variations upon a human theme, variations upon the human experience."

Love is the key concept for these messages and love here is much more than a sentimental emotion or romantic feeling.

Love is the essential energy of all creation, the energy underlying all existence. When all else is stripped away, only love remains. Love is what we are and what God is.

"All love is here or is nowhere at all, all the possibilities of love are here or nowhere at all. You are enveloped totally in love, your being is love, there is no existence without love."”

God is "not a person, nor a being, nor a distinguishable deity at all. God is the intelligent energy of love, a manifestation of love that is aware, creative, caring, and compassionate."

God does not desire to judge or punish us, but rather God's purpose is to aid us by whatever means necessary to express and live the love we are.

"To be right and correct and successful all the time, in every way is not God's purpose for you in this life. To learn of self, and thus to learn also of the struggles and essences of others, that is God's purpose for you. For if you were without weakness, without the ability for error, you would not need this life."

The source of these messages is known as "The High Council to the Soul". The source has no specific identity, save that it is far more wise, loving and consistent than my conscious mind could ever be and more able to express great ideas beautifully

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While reading these messages please overlook the references to God as a "He" or "Him". God has no gender and the male gender is not superior to the female. Also, all grammatical errors are mine, the result of perfect sentiments passing through a highly imperfect brain.

Finally, I dedicate this site to the memory of Betty Bethards, who was an exceptional and inspirational psychic teacher.

    fractal heart - by Jack Yaco
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    For me the most gratifying
    aspect of these readings is how consistently positive the perspectives given have been.

    Receiving this information has allayed most of my fears about God and the afterlife, and restored logic, compassion and common sense to my spiritual beliefs. I hope these messages will likewise benefit you!

    I am also an artist and created most of the artwork on this site including all the fractals and photos.

    magenta and blue fractal - by Jack Yaco

    Four curving golden hearts - by Jack Yaco